RDHRS Patient Movement

RDHRS Support for Regional Patient Movement

The Region 1 RDHRS is addressing medical support and coordination of regional patient movement in disasters. The coordinated movement of patients requires clinical experts to be integrated into decision-making structures to ensure patient safety and balance demand for resources. This is especially critical for patients who require specialty care (e.g., burn or pediatrics) where capacity is limited at baseline.

The RDHRS has developed a real-world, web-based system with the capability to support coordinated patient movement:

  • This system can provide impacted “sending facilities” with the opportunity to submit patients for placement, and “receiving facilities” with the ability to report near-real-time bed availability.
  • A team of RDHRS-affiliated staff can use a web-based portal to support placement efforts, allowing clinical patient placement experts to assign patients from the sending hospital(s) to appropriate beds at receiving facilities.